Today’s world is incomplete without communication devices, especially, Mobile phones. A variety of Mobile gadgets are available in markets ranging from iPhone, Android, Nokia to regular basic-feature phones. SmartPhones and basic multimedia mobile handsets are the first choice of mobile phone users all around the world.

The choice of mobile phone user may depend on his likes, dislikes and his budget to buy a phone. This post covers some cheapest SmartPhones, multimedia phones and basic mobile handsets available in India along with their price. You can bookmark this page since the list will be updated timely.

Cheapest Basic-featured Mobile phones in India

In today’s generation of advanced Gadgets and communication devices, there are still people who search for simple and budget Mobile phones for normal usage. Below list carries 10 Cheapest Mobile Phones in India available in markets of your locale:

  1. samsung guru e1081

    Samsung Guru E1081

    Price in India: Rs. 890

    Samsung Guru E1081 Reviews and Specifications

  2. nokia 1280

    Nokia 1280

    Price in India: Rs. 920

    Nokia 1280 Reviews and Specifications

  3. Alcatel OT-230D

    Alcatel OT-230D

    Price in India: Rs. 949

    Alcatel OT-230D Reviews and Specifications

  4. MVL R1

    MVL R1

    Price in India: Rs. 990

    MVL R1 Reviews and Specifications

  5. Motorola Moto Yuva WX290

    Motorola Moto Yuva WX290

    Price in India: Rs. 999

    Moto Yuva WX290 Reviews and Specifications

  6. Alcatel OT-517DAlcatel OT-517D

    Price in India: Rs. 999

    Alcatel OT-517D Reviews and Specifications

  7. Samsung Guru E1085T

    Samsung Guru E1085T

    Price in India: Rs. 1,000

    Samsung Guru E1085T Reviews and Specifications

  8. Spice M-5115

    Spice M-5115

    Price in India: Rs. 1,069

    Spice M-5115 Reviews and Specifications

  9. Samsung E1200

    Samsung E1200

    Price in India: Rs. 1,085

    Samsung E1200 Reviews and Specifications

  10. Micromax X102 i1

    Micromax X102

    Price in India: Rs. 1,094

    Micromax X102 Reviews and Specifications

Cheapest Android phones in India

Android market is on boom in the mobile phone industry. People are liking Android devices and are spending money to buy Android phones. Check out our list of cheapest Android Phones in India (regardless of features) which includes budget Android phones for your use.

Besides, you should also see the list of best QWERTY Android phones and cheapest dual SIM Android phones.

Cheapest 3G phones in India

Not everyone in India was aware of 3G technology about an year ago, since most of the people still rely on GPRS / EDGE phones. But now, people are accepting the new technology and switching to 3G phones to get a better connectivity. Check out our list of Cheapest 3G Phones to buy budget 3G handset in India.

Cheapest Nokia Phones in India

Nokia is known for it’s reliable mobile phones all over the globe. It’s one of those companies who started manufacturing mobile phones from the beginning of the market. Although Android has captured a good part of market, however Nokia haven’t lose trust among it’s consumers. See the list of Cheapest Nokia Phones to get a budget Nokia handset in India.

Cheapest Samsung Phones in India

Samsung has been everywhere in the mobile phone industry after launching the Samsung Galaxy Android SmartPhones. Samsung also manufactures some fairly affordable mobile phones, see this list of Cheapest Samsung Phones to grab a budget Samsung mobile.

Cheapest Micromax Phones in India

Micromax has been doing good business among big companies like Nokia and Samsung, and it’s all due to it’s good featured mobile handsets available at affordable prices. Check out the list of cheapest Micromax phones available in Indian stores.