Scenario: You are on a Chatovod chat and suddenly you get banned out of the blues. And for some reason, you want to re-enter there. How would you do that? Can you even do that? Yes, you can. This guide explains all about that only.

After getting banned on a Chatovod-based chatroom, you just can’t enter the chats again because your internet connection’s IP, your nickname, and the registered email address get marked as restricted or not/allowed in their database.

Chatovod Ban
A screenshot demonstrating a Chatovod ban

In order to re-enter the chats in such a case, you have a few options to consider:

Without using a VPN software / add-on

If you are banned on a chatovod-based chatroom, the first thing you should try to re-enter chats is to open the chatroom in a Private or Incongnito window of your browser, and then try to enter the room as you do normally.

Faking the IP to re-enter chats

In case if the above one doesn’t work for you (depending on the strictness of the ban heuristic level), we have more workarounds. Change the IP.

If your ISP provides you with a dynamic IP every time you establish a connection, then you may just disconnect-reconnect your internet connection, flush the browser cookies, and then you will be able to re-enter the chats.

In case you have a fixed IP with your internet, you should use a VPN program, or a web browser like Tor or Epic to mask your IP. It will easily let you gain access to the chats again.

You may also make use of VPN add-ons/extensions if you use Mozilla or Chrome.


In the end, you should keep in mind the below given points when implementing the above mentioned techniques:

  • Use a different nickname
  • Use a separate ID to register in the chats again, if the chatroom requires you to signup to post messages
  • Don’t use these techniques to violate peace or abuse