Do you ever wanted to capture a full screenshot of a website? If yes, you probably did it by merging Screen Prints with an Image editing software or by using a software program developed specifically for screenshot capturing of web documents. Mostly, the feature is required by Web designers, Journalists and Bloggers for presentations, demonstrations and even for collecting references and works; however, it is rarely available in many Screen capturing utilities.

Here are some amazing solutions to capture a full screenshot of any website or web page, including Software programs, Browser extensions and online services.

How to capture full screenshots of Web pages?

Software Programs:
  • DuckCapture

    DuckCapture by Ducklink is a freeware utility which provides full support to capture screenshots according to Region, Window, Scrolling (like web pages and PDF documents) and Screen. If you want to capture full screenshot of websites, download and install DuckCapture, it will start automatically after installation (start manually in case if it doesn’t get started) and choose Scrolling while keeping your website opened in Web browser. Click on the web page, it will be automatically scrolled by the utility, on reaching the end, it will ask “Save to Clipboard”, “Save to file” or “Cancel”. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

  • Paparazzi

    Paparazzi is for Mac users only, which works on direct input of website URL to grab the screenshot. More options you get with it are Minimum Size, Crop size and Delay.

Browser Extensions:
  • Screengrab Firefox Add-on
    Screengrab for Firefox

    Screengrab is the favorite add-on for Firefox users when it comes to capturing web screenshots. After installing it on your Firefox browser (and restarting it, which is mandatory to activate the plugin), it shows an option in the pop-up menu as well as at the right end on the status bar with Save and Copy options for Complete Page/Frame, Visible Portion, Selection and Window.

  • Google Chrome Web page Screenshot extension

    Web page Screenshot extension for Google ChromeWeb page Screenshot extension for Google chrome provides you to save, share and print a web screen shot. You can also do some basic editing, like drawing shapes, cutting, writing text on the screenshot you capture with it. But there are some limitations with this extension, like it doesn’t capture flash movies on page (displays white / blank space) and doesn’t work for certain sites.

  • Fireshot for Mozilla Firefox, Seamonkey, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

    FireShot can capture, edit, annotate, organize, export, upload and print screenshots of your web pages, which can be saved as PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, can be printed, copied to clipboard, e-mailed and sent to external editor for further processing. Fireshot also provides a free image hosting service to users.

Online Services:
  • BrowserShots

    BrowserShots allows you to view the screen shots of your website from 50 different web browsers for free. It also lets you choose the browsers of your choice from which the screenshot will be displayed.

  • CaptureFullPage and Webshots Pro are also very handy services you may try for grabbing a screen image of a website.

Do tell if I missed your favorite one.