After getting approved by BuySellAds as a publisher, making ad sales there is an uneasy task. But the new “Discount Code” feature at BSA is helpful for both, the publishers and the advertisers.

Being one of the long awaited features on BSA, this new feature will definitely going to help publishers sell more slots and make more money.

There are two things that advertisers basically look at while purchasing ads at BSA marketplace:

  1. Slot impressions
  2. Price per slot

When they see a discount facility available on a particular ad zone, they are more likely to buy a slot. For instance, if the price of a slot in one of your ad zone is $800, who wouldn’t love some discount on that? So, its for sure, you can earn more by utilizing this new feature that we are going to see in detail in the rest of the article.

Adding Discount Codes to your BuySellAds ad zones

Obviously, this feature allows BSA publishers to add discount codes to different ad zones in their inventory. Here is the step-by-step procedure to add discount codes to your BSA ad zones:

1. In your BuySellAds dashboard, click that Discount Codes link as shown in the below screenshot. This will lead you towards next page to add the discount code.

BuySellAds Discount Codes link in Dashboard

2. Now, you have not created any discount codes, so you’ll see “You do not have any discount codes for this property” message in there. Just click “Add a Discount Code” button here.

Adding Discount Codes in BuySellAds ad zones

3. Next, you will be shown with a form to fill in the required information. Following screenshot shows a glimpse how this form looks like:

Setting up BuySellAds Discount Code
  • Starting from the left-hand-side, enter the discount code you want to set (it could be your site’s name, or whatever you wish to set).
  • Add the discount amount that is asked in percentage. You may decide the percentage that fits best in your plan.
  • Choose, at what price will the ad renew – at full price or the discounted price.
  • Set discount expiry date.
  • Set how many times the code can be redeemed.
  • Must check the option “List this discount publicly in BuySellAds marketplce”. This will give your offer big exposure to the advertisers.
  • On the right-hand-side, select the zone(s) for which you want to provide the discount code.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the form.

4. So, we have successfully added discount code to our ad zone(s). You can now see your newly created discount code in the “Discount Codes” section of your property, that you may edit or terminate as per your need.

Editing BuySellAds Discount codes

For advertisers: redeeming the discount

How advertisers can redeem a discount code on BSA marketplace? The discount list at the marketplace will show you publisher sites offering discounts. Browse, select affordable and convertible slots, and check out – the code will be applied at the same time! Or if you already know a discount code for a publisher site, use it straight away while checking out.

Using the BuySellAds discount code while checkout