Government of India has proposed a project late in 2011 which is known as Sakshat Project. Under the project, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India announced the release of a cheap but efficient Computer device to help the needy. The product that came out from this project is known as Aakash or Ubislate, which is a Tablet PC manufactured by Datawind worth from Rs. 3499 to 4299 in two versions, Ubislate 7+ and Ubislate 7C.

You should also see Aakash Tablet Review and videos before buying one.

A kind note: This article doesn’t features a review of Aakash Tablet, nor does it mean to condemn the Sakshat Project in any ways. It will be common sense if one has a budget more than Rs. 5000, there are many other well-featured tablets available in the market on the ease, other than Aakash. So, make sure whether you really want this device or you have to see better options.

Where to buy Aakash Tablet in India?

Ubislate or Aakash Tablets are available to public at the commercial price mentioned above. Although Government has decided to distribute the tablets to the students in India at a subsidized rate. The procedure of getting the Tablet this way has still not been cleared by the Government sources. So, students need to wait till the announcement of the distribution.

How to buy Aakash tablet online?

As Aakash is not available in the stores currently, there is currently only one way to get this Tablet and that is through Ubislate’s official online website store at You can visit the site and can pre-book the tablet if you’ve decided to buy it.

But keep in mind that the device may take around 1 to 2 months to reach your address. Prefer the Cash on delivery for security purpose. You should call Datawind Toll free number 1800 180 2180 if you encounter a problem in the delivery or anything you want to know about Ubislate.

Better and recommended Tablets

If you have a budget of around or more than Rs. 7000, the below given Tablet devices from some reliable brands are recommended for better experience, visit the links for full specifications, reviews and updated prices and discount (if available) on the devices (the list is in ascending order of price):

Apple iPad should be the first choice if one is looking for the best Tablet device experience. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is also among the top choices of users in Asia. Micromax has been doing good with some good and low-priced tabs in its Funbook series. iBall and HCL have also received fair amount of attention and good reviews when the low price is considered.