BSNL users receive a monthly bill from the BSNL department, which obviously has to be paid before a certain period called due date, else you have to pay ~ 2% fine after the due date.

I don’t know the exact criteria of the fine BSNL put on delayed payment of bills, as they do not provide any clear info regarding fine.

How can I get discount on my BSNL bills?

Before going further, let me know that the discount you’ll is not very huge. Lets talk about how to get discount on your BSNL bills – regardless of what plan you use.

To enjoy 1% discount on your BSNL billing amount, all you have to do is to pay BSNL bills online (click here to know how).

Note: Discount is applicable only to Landline and Broadband bill payments (not for prepaid connections).

BSNL has been continuously asking it’s consumers to pay bills online and giving discount on bill amounts is one of their strategies to make people pay online – and I believe there is nothing wrong with it as you’re saving time and money both with it.

When paying online to BSNL, you save time as well as get discount on your bills – icing on the cake!

1% discount doesn’t make any difference with little bill amounts, but you know, it does, when bill amounts are bigger. And after all, discount is.. discount! So, there is no reason to miss it.