BSNL Broadband customers who use limited Broadband plans may wonder how to check the broadband internet usage, as the procedure to check BSNL internet usage has changed from time-to-time in the past few years.

Broadband users with the limited plans generally worry about the usage since the bandwidth after the usage limit will cost them. If you are not able to keep track of your Broadband usage, trust me, this may lead you to pay fat bills, so you have to be careful about that. This article is all about keeping track of BSNL broadband usage through different ways.

Check BSNL Broadband usage online via BSNL Portal

BSNL Selfcare Portal allows you to check the internet usage pretty easily. The portal provides the usage data as well as Landline details – all up-to-date and the customer may also post complaints, request plan change, view bills, payments, profile, orders and complaint tracking, even more. The portal requires user to register, if you don’t have an account at BSNL portal, you may register there for free.

Note: See BSNL Selfcare Portal URLs to reach the correct Selfcare website of your zone.

Check BSNL Broadband usage via SMS

In order to get the usage details on your mobile via SMS, follow the below give step-by-step procedure:

For BSNL Mobile user

  1. First, you have to register you mobile number to BSNL. To do that, send REG <STD Code with Zero with Landline Number>, eg. REG 01352499599 and send it to 52295. You will get a confirmation message soon.
  2. Now, to receive Broadband usage details in SMS, send BBU <STD Code with Zero with Landline Number> and send it to 52295 again. Yow will have your Broadband usage details in the form of an SMS shortly.

For other Mobile operators

  1. Register your number by sending REG <STD Code with Zero with Landline Number> eg. REG 01352499599 and send it to 09448077777.
  2. Now, receive Broadband usage data by sending BBU <STD Code with Zero with Landline Number> to 09448077777.