BSNL users may get confused sometimes that what is their BSNL account number or unique ID. Before going into how to get it, here is a little preface what an account number or unique ID is, with context to BSNL.

When you register with BSNL, it provides you with an Account number that is meant to keep all your billing records basically. Sometimes, you may need your Account number for online billing, service plan change and bill correction.

In order to know your BSNL Account number, just go through any BSNL Telephone bill you received, and look for it at the top-right side as shown in the below screenshot:

BSNL Account number
Account Number printed on a BSNL telephone bill

Another way to know your account number is by logging into BSNL portal with the username and password you’ve received from them, and then go to the Customer info section, where you can clearly see your Account number.

Hope this helped. Thanks for reading.