War between different Web browsers has caused a frequent change in their interface and functioning. This is since when Google launched Chrome in 2009 for fast browsing. From that time, all other Web browsers started experimenting and improving fast. The most widely used Web browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera — all of them have made significant changes in their interface, performance and support to different Web standards (like HTML5).

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The increased competition between the leading Web browsers is nothing less than War. Some creative heads have shown their creativity on the War going on among the leading Web browsers. Below are the 10 funniest picks of that creativity which of course, have nothing to deal with likes and dislikes:


Browser Wars: 1


Browser Wars: 2


Browser Wars: 3


Browser Wars: 4


Browser Wars: 5


Browser Wars: 6


Browser Wars: 7


Browser Wars: 8


Browser Wars: 9


Browser Wars: 10

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