If you use Brackets for your coding needs, and experiencing a weird error dialog box when installing extensions; this post is for you.

I reinstalled Brackets on my Windows computer lately, as I was feeling kinda bored with Sublime Text. After installation, I started adding some extensions and themes that I use regularly. But Brackets threw this error box right in my face (see the image below):

Brackets Error:
This is how it looks like (#)

Disappointing, right? Users noticed the same error more than a few times in its earlier releases too—last time, they fixed it by creating a sub-directory (tmp) in the installation root. Even though the error remained the same till today, the fixes have changed with time.

The Fix

I’m not sure if it’s showing up to only those who already have Node JS installed on their computers; but I managed to fix this by copying the node.exe from the nodejs installation directory to the Brackets installation directory (replace the existing one).

Follow the below given 2-step process, and you will be out of this error mess:

  1. Windows user may run %ProgramFiles%/nodejs and locate node.exe file. Right click, and copy the file.

  2. Now, navigate to %ProgramFiles%/Brackets, and paste (copy and replace) the file you copied in step 1.

    This is how it prompts when you want to replace an existing file in Windows 7

That will do for now, and I guess you won’t be seeing the “Internal error” anymore for some time to come. I hope that was helpful. Thanks for stopping by and reading.