There are times when you need to block those bad comments with vulgar, offensive words on your Facebook page.

So what? You have two simple solution for this:
1. Delete such comments;
2. Ban the user from your Facebook page

But that appears a cumbersome task when you have a big, active community on Facebook, and a lot of offensive talks are going on there.

How can I cope up with such comments on my page? Is there a way to block them in a single click? Yes, we have a shortcut way to siege such comments using Page Moderation option in Facebook Page settings. How? Read on.

1. Click Edit Page button on your Facebook page and select Edit Settings option from the drop-down list.

2. Now, scroll down the list and click on Page Moderation option.
Facebook Page Moderation

3. On clicking the Page Moderation option, it will show you a text-box to add words – the comments containing these words will be blocked automatically. Now, add the words in your hit list and Save changes.
Facebook Page Moderation Options

Now whenever someone posts comments on your page carrying words you’ve blocked using Page Moderation, they will be marked as spam and will not be shown publicly. You may unhide, re-hideapprove or delete them just by clicking the cross button on the top-right of every comment.

Facebook Word Blocking test

Definitely, this one was one of the most wanted features for Facebook pages, and when now you have it, are you liking it? Or want more improved? Lets me know your thoughts.