Almost every mobile phone user faces those unwanted, annoying calls and text messages from telemarketing companies until s/he blocks them completely. Some telemarketing companies send countless messages without any subscription respective to their services. So, what measures you should take to block such spam calls and messages on your mobile phone?

In general, you have two alternatives to avoid spam SMSs or calls:

  • Either you register your number in the DND (DO NOT CALL / DISTURB) database,
  • Or file a complaint to your service provider about that.

Above two are considered as universal solutions to such problems by Telecom Authority. But it’s not the complete solution. Registering to DND blocks calls only (not messages) and filed complaints are not reviewed that quickly. Even after registering your number in DND, you’ll keep receiving such problematic messages till 10-15 days.

Some Telecom Services like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Wireless provides their users the facility to block unwanted calls and messages. But, what if you do not have such options in your Carrier?

A better solution for Symbian and Java based mobile phone users is here, regardless of the service they are using. There are some smart applications available for Symbian and Java based devices, through which one can block those annoying calls and SMSs. Some top applications for that are given below. You can download these applications from Nokia OVI Store.

  • smsBlocker: smsBlockerIt blocks about 95% of unwanted messages. You may block SMSs from a number or service through this application. It comes with the user content and language options. It also gives a blow to the telemarketing companies who send SMSs in code names. One more feature of this application is that it also manages a list of spam messages sent to your number. If you accidentally blocked the wrong number, then you can unblock it from that list. The application is highly appreciated by Nokia and Nasscom.
  • Blackballer: BlackballerThis application not only allows you to get rid of unwanted SMSs but it allows you to block unwanted calls as well. It’s a very light application which also manages lists of unwanted services. The filter option in it allows you to block a number by direct input or from phonebook, call and message logs. It keeps the job through in hidden form. Although there are some limitations in the Free Edition of Blackballer, but still it gives outstanding performance. You may purchase it via
  • Advance Communication Manager: Adv. Comm. ManagerLike Blackballer, Advance Communication Manager also provides the options to block SMSs and calls on you phone. It is extremely easy to use. If you are bothered by a particular telemarketing company, you can list them in the spam category of this application. It will keep blocking SMSs and calls from that service. If you are busy in a meeting just activate the Block all option in your phone rather than switching it off. No one can, now, disturb you any more. After the meeting, deactivate Block all option to get calls. You may see who had call or messaged you in block list of this app.

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