HTML5 has opened the paths to a new Web which is independent of third-party plugin support like Adobe Flash to play videos, animations, show dynamic content, and enjoy games. Now, websites developed in HTML5 will not require Adobe Flash support on your Web browser anymore, provided that your browser supports HTML5 (almost all major browsers support HTML5 today). But the adoption of HTML5 by websites may take time.

For demonstration, I was looking up the web for advance HTML5 usage. As online Games are always been one of my interests, I made a list of 10 best HTML5 games that can be played online without having Adobe Flash installed on your end.

Follow the links to play the games.

  1. Sand Trap
    Sand Trap HTML5 Game
  2. 3Bored
    3Bored HTML5 Game
  3. Torus
    Torus HTML5 Game
  4. HTML5 Helicopter
    HTML5 Helicopter Game
  5. Canvas Rider
    Canvas Rider HTML5 Game
  6. Chain Reaction
    Chain Reaction HTML5 Game
  7. Solitaire
    Solitaire HTML5 Game
  8. Agent 008 Ball
    Agent 008 Ball HTML5 Game
  9. Google Pacman
    Google Pacman HTML5 Game
  10. Space War
    Space War HTML5 Game