If you are not a graphic design expert, you must be wondering how to create a Facebook Timeline cover and looking for easy alternatives to get custom Facebook cover photos. This has been made easier by some cool and handy Facebook Cover photo generator applications, we’ve also seen before how to create cover photo in Facebook using a Facebook application.

You can see a lot of services to create custom Facebook timeline covers, just Google and get a plethora of sites to do so. I used Cover Canvas and posted about it’s usage earlier before, but I found more free services which are worthy to give a try. Here are the best 5 Facebook Timeline Cover Generator websites:

  1. Cover Canvas

    I’m listing Cover Canvas on the first place, it has the best customization options. You can also pick some of the awesome static covers from here. Read more about it in how to create attractive custom Facebook covers.

  2. Timeline Cover Banner

    This application allows you to choose from different available backgrounds. Once you chose a background for your cover photo, it will bring you to the customization page, where you can put in custom text, resize background, modify its color values and brightness easily. Clicking “Done” will save the cover for you.

  3. Pic Scatter

    Pic Scatter generates picture collage like cover photos. Just login using your Facebook account, and choose from Friends, Album, Likes or Shuffle options to use related pics in the collage, modify the Title of your cover page and Publish or Download your Cover photo. To unleash branding and Filter options, you can use their premium service at a nominal cost of $1.5.

  4. Cover Junction

    You can start creating a custom cover for your Facebook by clicking the link which says Create a Facebook cover. Next, it will ask for logging in using your Facebook account, login and upload your pic to be used in the cover photo. Now follow the easy steps to generate the cover photo. You can also pick static cover photos on Cover Junction for a change.

  5. FaceItPages

    This service asks to create a free account before using it’s tools to create timeline covers. Just signup and follow the simple options to generate timeline covers.

Tell us which one of these services have you used to create Facebook covers? Also see how to enable Facebook Timeline and avoid unnecessary tagging on Facebook.