Blogger users often perform edits in the template to make their blog look the way they want. If you use Blogger platform, taking a template backup is always a good idea. A backed-up version of the template can be restored further to revert to its initial stage.

This article is divided into two sections, the first one that describes how to take a Blogger template backup, and the other one is all about it’s restoration.

Backing-up your Blogger template

You have some good reasons to get a backup of your Blogger template.

  • It avoids losing the “working” version of your template
  • It helps you to refer to previously used code
  • It helps to keep a change log of your code and design

Steps to download backup

  1. In your Blogger Dashboard, click on the blog whose template you want to backup.
    Blogger Dashboard
  2. Next, navigate to the Template section and click the Backup / Restore button at the top-right of the dashboard.
    Blogger template backup option
  3. A dialog will appear. Click the Download full template button in there. It will ask to start the download. An XML file of your Blogger template will be downloaded to your computer as soon as you initiate the download.
    Download Blogger Template backup

Now, You have a backup of your template that you may restore further if something went wrong.

Restoring a Blogger template

In case you feel a need to restore to the backed-up version of your Blogger template, here are the required steps to follow to do so:

  1. In your Blogger dashboard, select the blog for which you wish to restore the template.
    Blogger dashboard
  2. Now navigate to the Template section, and click that Backup / Restore button there at the top-right of the page.
    Blogger template restore option
  3. On clicking the button, a dialog will appear showing couple of options.
    Blogger template restore option

    You need to click the Browse button, that brings a file browser window. Now select the backed up template (.xml format) from your hard drive and click the upload button. That’s it! You’ve successfully restored the template!