Everyone knows that Facebook allows tagging people in posts, whether it’s a status, photo, video, place or a life event. It is okay, if the tagging makes sense, but otherwise, it annoys a lot. Most of the people on Facebook use apps like “10 best friends” or similar which tag in friends on some resulting image (this is called as unnecessary tagging). Now that you are tagged in such a photo, the comments and likes on it will annoy you from time to time. This annoyance can be avoided simply by removing that unwanted tag or unfollowing that particular post, in fact, you can also remove that particular post from your Timeline. Have a look at the highlighted fields in below screenshot that can help you avoiding an annoying post:

how to avoid photo tagging in facebook

So, if you receive a plethora of tags on Facebook, mostly the useless ones, you can get rid of unnecessary tagging by tweaking your Facebook Privacy Settings. But as per the latest updates in the Privacy settings, you cannot completely disable tagging on Facebook. Still, if you ask how to avoid people tagging me on facebook or how to avoid photo tagging in facebook, I would say – you have few more options to moderate and control tags in the newer privacy settings. Follow below steps to control Tagging in Facebook:

  1. Proceed to your Privacy Settings on Facebook and click on “Edit Settings” under “How Tags Work” section.
  2. A traditional Facebook dialog will pop-up with some additional settings, just like this screenshot:
    how to avoid tagging in facebook
  3. Here are the recommended changes you should made in these settings to control / review tagging on your Facebook:
    • You may turn-on “Timeline Review” for the tags you receive, you can approve or reject them before they go live on your timeline.
    • You may turn-on “Tag Review” to review tags friends add to your content before they appear on Facebook.
    • Let the “Tag Suggestion” setting turned-off by default.

    Alter the rest of the settings according to your need.

From now, if someone tags you in a post, either it’s a normal status or a photo or something else, you will receive a notification to review that tag in the Activity Log, either to accept or reject it. The notification will look something like this:

review tags in facebook

This way, you will be able to control the taggings done for you on Facebook. I hope you enjoyed this post, and would be implementing it if you get a lot of tags.