If you have an Android powered Smartphone or tablet device and would like to earn free talk time and recharges on your mobile device, then lets check out in this post how to do so?

Before going into further details in this post, keep following things in mind:

  • Follow this guide only if you have a mobile device with an active SIM card inside it.
  • Don’t try to game the system by constantly changing your device’s ID, IMEI number, GUID and Advertising ID using certain Android emulators like Bluestacks etc. on your computer. You will get banned sooner or later. The application developer may also contact your mobile operator and all your recharges may get reversed.
  • There are more applications on Play Store (Android Market) that allows you to earn free talk time and recharges on your mobile device. But the problem with all those applications (including Task Bucks) is that they all features the same high paying applications like Flipkart, Amazon, UC Browser etc. and you won’t get any credit if you keep on installing (after uninstalling) a particular application again and again. For example, if you have installed UC Browser using Task Bucks and got 20 INR, then you can’t get credits for installing the same application using Ladooo or Mcent or some other application – The list is almost endless.

How to earn free talk time on your mobile?

First of all install Task Bucks on your Android powered mobile device. Once the application has been successfully installed on your device, run the application and it will ask you to enter following details:

  • Your name: You may enter your real name or nickname in this field.
  • Your mobile number: You need to enter your mobile number accurately in this field because verification SMS for activating Task Bucks will be sent to this number only. Always enter the mobile number of that device on which you have installed Task Bucks.
  • Your Email address.
  • Referrer or Referral ID: Enter 3M9ZCNYY in this field.

Once you have entered all the above mentioned details, tap on Register button and Task Bucks server will send you a verification SMS. Once the application’s server is able to verify your mobile device successfully, you will be able to see a list of all those applications which allows you to earn free recharge credits:


The applications that are marked with a white circle gives you your credit instantly provided that you have followed their instructions properly. Applications that are marked with a green circle are required to be kept on your mobile device for certain number of days and you are also required to follow certain instructions for these applications. Applications that are marked with green circle generally pays you more.

Note: The instructions may include following (see example screenshot below):


  • Launch the application once or daily.
  • Browse the newly installed application for certain number of minutes.
  • Register or do a particular task within the newly installed application.
  • Share a page within the application to your Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp account.
  • more…

As soon as you have successfully completed a task, you will get an alert from Task Bucks in your device’s notification area as well as via text message:


Once you have enough credits in your Task Bucks account, we are now ready to ready to recharge any mobile number of your choice.

Important Notes:

  • While writing this post you need to have at least 20 INR in your Task Bucks account in order to proceed with the recharge option. You won’t be able to proceed to the recharge screen if you have less than 20 INR in your account.
  • Before recharging your number carefully check your operator’s tariff plans that are available for your state/circle (Example). If your operator gives you 100 MB 2G data for INR 25, then don’t expect talk time worth INR 25 using Task Bucks. Task Bucks strictly follows your operator’s tariff plan.

Open the application’s menu and then tap on My Bucks (wallet). Now tap on get free recharge and the application will ask you to enter following details on the immediate next screen:

number to recharge

  • Mobile number: Enter the mobile number which you want to recharge.
  • Operator’s Name: Carefully (keeping in mind mobile number portability aka MNP in India) select the operator from the drop down menu.
  • Indian state: Select the name of the state from the drop down menu.
  • Amount with which you want to recharge the number.

Note: Instead of directly recharging a number, you can also convert your earned credits into Paytm cash or Mobikwik Money. You can also use the earned credits to pay bills of your postpaid mobile number.

Click on Recharge button and the entered number will get recharged within next 20 minutes. In case there’s some problem, then the application’s server will refund your credit back to your wallet within 24 hours.

recharge successful

You can see your Earning and Redemption History by opening application’s menu and then clicking on My Bucks (wallet). While writing this post I have personally earned and redeemed (mobile recharge) credits more than 240 INR.

Earn Talk time by Sharing Articles

Another cool feature of this application is that you can earn lots of credits in your wallet just by sharing certain articles on your Facebook profile/page or on/with WhatsApp group/friend. All you need to do is to go to Stories tab within the application and tap on the article that you want to share.


When a certain number of friends read the article that you have shared, your Task Bucks wallet gets credited.

share article

Keep in mind that if you try to game the system by clicking on your own shared links, then the application’s server will instantly ban your account as it keeps a closed eye on all IP addresses.

Earn Talk time by completing offers

You will also get credit in your Task Bucks wallet for completing certain offers, filling out forms etc.


I will suggest you to proceed with these offers/tasks ONLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THEM, as this particular task requires you to send your personal information (name, phone number etc.) to other third party companies. For example if you are REALLY interested in getting information about a particular home loan, then only complete that particular offer.

complete offer

Make sure that you first read the terms of these offers before completing them. If you keep on completing random offers without any real interest in them, then your mobile number will soon be bombarded with promotional text messages and calls from agents.

End notes:

  • Sometimes you won’t receive any credit even after properly following all the instructions for a particular application. This thing is rare, but it happens. A particular application may suddenly disappear from your Task Bucks application’s list without giving you any credit.
  • Whatever talk time you will receive on your number will be after deducting processing fee and service tax.