A facility like emergency talktime loan comes in handy when you don’t have a medium to top-up the talktime balance. Airtel, being the first to introduce such such a facility in India in 2011, discontinued it soon due to bad response from the customers.

The good news is that Airtel now allows you again to take balance loans provided that customer fulfills some conditions.

Easy Airtel Talktime Loan

Once again, Airtel is back with the loan facility which you can utilize when you have less than Rs. 5 in your account balance. In such a situation, Airtel allows you to ask for a loan of Rs. 10 talktime which would be debited (deducted) from your account on the next recharge you do.

How can I get Rs. 10 Loan on my Airtel connection?

At an account balance lesser than Rs. 5, all you need to do to get the loan is dial *141*10# which doesn’t cost you anything. After that, you’ll receive a menu showing 3 options:

  • Take Rs. 10 talktime loan (main account): The first option lets you ask for credit balance from Airtel directly. Just press 1 on your handset keypad and follow the instructions. You’ll shortly recieve Rs. 10 talktime as loan in your balance.
  • Ask talktime from friends: The second option allows you to ask for credit balance from a friend also. While opting into this one, you need to provide the Airtel number of your friend, then Airtel will send your friend a request to transfer balance to you.
  • Check loan outstanding: The third option is all about checking the outstanding loans on your account.

Hope you find this useful. If you use more telecom services, you should also see talktime loan for more operators.