If you use mobile internet on a daily basis, you must be using the data plans provided by your telecom carrier. Airtel, being the very first to start mobile data services in India, provides a good variety of internet plans, plus a facility to get some advance loan of internet credits too!

You might already know about Airtel talktime loan facility. Similarly, you may also get Advance Internet credit loan from Airtel, get the Internet working when short of balance, and pay later!

Such a facility turns out very handy when you feel serious need of internet but:

  • Your regular internet is down
  • Or you don’t have a medium to top-up your mobile internet credits

Service numbers for Airtel Internet credit loan

Currently, Airtel offers a loan of 65MB 2G data worth Rs. 15 for 2 days on it’s prepaid connections. You may ask for the loan only if:

  1. Your prepaid connection should be at least 90 days old
  2. Your account shouldn’t have any outstanding loans

In order to get quick advance Internet credits with Airtel, just dial *141*567# and follow the instructions. (A message like “You want 2G Loan or 3G/4G” or something similar will be shown, you have to go for that only.)

Airtel Internet loan message
A message asking for inputs will be flashed on dialing the above mentioned number.

Note that a total of Rs. 17 (Rs. 15 data charges + Rs. 2 Service charges) will be deducted from your account the very next day at the same time when you took the loan. In case if your account balance goes zero, then the loan amount will be levied the next time you recharge your account.