Aircel prepaid users can get a quick talktime loan when out of balance and have no alternative to recharge. Note that after getting the loan, you have to pay Aircel later with a small service charge when you recharge your talktime.

In September 2014, Aircel introduced this service called as Extra Credit Service to help the subscribers in an urgent need of talktime. So, if you are using Aircel, you need not to worry about talktime emergencies. Using a different carrier? See here.

Aircel Talktime loan criteria

To receive talktime credits as loan on Aircel, you need to fulfill a selected criteria. You may only get loan if:

  • You have the current balance less than Rs. 10
  • You have already paid the previous loan due, if you took any
  • Your Aircel prepaid connection is at least 6 months old

You can get a loan of Rs. 10, which is credited to the Main Account, and will be charged back the very next time when our recharge.

Ways to get credit loan on Aircel

Before going any further, please make sure that the balance loan facility is valid for your area. You may confirm that by quickly calling the Aircel Customer Care number (121).

So, continuing, there are 3 known ways to get the Rs. 10 as loan amount on Aircel. Note that you have to follow only one of the following ways if you are eligible to the loan criteria:

  1. SMS LOAN to 55414 (toll free)
  2. Dial *414# USSD and follow the instructions
  3. Dial 55414 or 12880 and follow the instructions

After following any one of the above mentioned methods, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS telling the loan amount has been credited to your account.

An amount of Rs. 12 would be recovered later from your account (Rs. 10, the loan amount + Rs. 2, convenience fee) after 24 hours of the loan credited to your account (if it has enough amount for the recovery).

Feel free to share more info you’ve got about Aircel Extra Credit service.