Google Adsense is the leading ad-serving program in the market, both for ad publishers and advertisers. Why look for alternatives, when AdSense is the best? Surprised?

AdSense has made it’s approval process tougher than ever. Now, they only approve high-quality sites that 100% comply with their TOS. And here, you need alternatives.

If you too are going to apply for an Adsense account, know the basics to get approved easily.

If you’re not getting approval for your site by Adsense, you should look at below alternatives that may help you to monetize your site, not as good as AdSense, but still, fairly good.

List of Google AdSense alternatives

  1. Yahoo! Bing Ads: Yahoo! Bing ad network powered by is the best alternative to AdSense. It pays good, CPC is pretty similar to AdSense, approval is not so tough for good sites with good traffic. It pays via PayPal and Bank Wire.
  2. InfoLinks: InfoLinks is an in-text advertising program that has been incredibly popular among publishers since 2011. Regardless of traffic, they want your site to be content-rich and active. Approval is easy, and you are get paid via Bank Wire or PayPal.
  3. AdBrite: It is the famous and most trusted Adsense alternative. It allows you to select (choose or reject) the advertisements for your blog or website. You can also set up your own ad space prices. Payments are trusted and are made via cheque. The minimum payout is $100.
  4. Chitika: If you have a blog or website based on product reviews or sales, Chitika is the best alternative for you. It’s a PPC program which offers three kinds of ads: Search Targeted ads, Mobile ads and Local ads. Chitika ads are non-contextual in nature. You can also see their referral program which pays 10% of what your referred party earns. It pays through PayPal and Cheques with a minimum payout of $10.
  5. Text Link Ads: You have probably heard of John Chow, who made millions from TLA. This program enables the users to earn money by selling text-based link ads on your website or blog. Trusted and instant payments, made on the first day on each month.
  6. Kontera: Another in-text ad program similar to Infolinks that works good for sites receiving US/Canada traffic. Easy approval process, pays via PayPal on a minimum payout of $50.
  7. Technorati Media ads: Technorati Media advertising is one of the growing ad-serving company which offers CPM based ad publishing. It is the best alternative when you get rejected by Tribal Fusion, CPX Interactive and other CPM networks. It pays via PayPal or cheque and their minimum payout is $50.
  8. Bidvertiser: Similar to Google Adsense, Bidvertiser is a PPC based program offering fully customizable, content based advertisements. They also offer an affiliate program which is optional, but can help you earn extra cash. It pays via PayPal and cheques with a minimum payout of $10 (PayPal) and $25 (cheque).

I try best to update this list, so keep sharing and recommending it. Also feel free to recommend your favorite program that you think should be included in the list. Thanks.