YouTube is the best way to connect with people through videos. It’s simple options allow you to upload and customize videos on the go. You can also build a side-business as a videographer (YouTuber) by sharing your skills, tutorials, useful and entertaining video content on YouTube (but that really needs some great efforts and ideas).

Generally, webmasters create a separate YouTube channel for their websites and blogs to increase their social influence. A link to your YouTube channel on your site increases chances to send your visitors to your YouTube channel. Putting your YouTube channel link on your site doesn’t need a tutorial, just go to your YouTube account, click on your name on top-left, copy My Channel link in the so appeared dropdown and put it wherever you like on your site or blog.

YouTube Channel link

With your YouTube channel link, visitors can browse through your channel and videos, but will they subscribe? It all depends on them completely. Let me share a more effective way to put your visitors through that Subscribe button on your channel.

Instead of using a channel link, you should either use YouTube Subscribe widget or a YouTube Subscribe link, that directly sends your visitors to the subscribe page of your YouTube channel.

Generally, a YouTube channel has a URL like this:, i.e. right? Instead of your channel URL, use the below given URL on your site:

Change username to your YouTube username. You can directly generate your YouTube subscription link using the below tool, in fact, the generated code will give you the YouTube subscribe button like appearance:

Subscribe to us on YouTube

Now, what this link will do actually? If I use this link on my blog, it will redirect visitors to my YouTube channel as shown in the below screenshot:

YouTube Subscribe link button

Check this link for a live demonstration. Now, visitors can clearly see the Subscribe button through this link and there will be more chances that they subscribe to your channel. Also see how to Embed YouTube playlist on website.