Twitter buttons can be seen on almost every website and blog. A Twitter button enables your readers to mention or post the link of your blog post in their twitter status. When someone clicks this button, it will open the twitter interface window asking to post that link as twitter status. In short, it lets people to tweet about your post directly with ease.

Easily Add Tweet button to Website

If you are still missing that pretty handy thing, here are different ways to add Tweet button to website or blog:

  • Point your browser to Twitter Buttons.
  • In Twitter buttons, you’ll see an option list to choose a button. Choose “Share a link” option.
    add tweet button on website
  • It will bring below several options which you can modify as per your need. You can control the URL sharing by the tweet button, whether it’s a fixed URL or should be detected automatically, you can control the tweet text and count, and can also set a twitter username and hash tags to be mentioned always with the tweet. You can also recommend a twitter account, when someone tweets using the button, s/he will see the recommended twitter account then. The tweet button is available in two sizes – small (default) and large. You can check the option “Large button”, if you want the larger tweet button.
    put tweet button on website
  • After altering the options according to your need, just copy the code under “Preview and Code” at the right side and paste it where you want to show the Tweet button.
    twitter button code

So, you have successfully placed Tweet button on your website.