Sharing and bookmarking tools help people to spread and save the content on web – which can bring in huge traffic to website. For the sake of user convenience, bloggers and website owners use Share buttons on their sites – for example Facebook Share button, Like button, Twitter Tweet button, Digg button etc. Many people on the web use free, ready-made share widget services for this which provide a better way to spread the content with many social networking and bookmarking options. This removes the hassle of adding each share button individually. Here are the top 5 services which you should use if you want to add share buttons to website or blog:

  • AddThis

    AddThis provides four types of share widgets, the compact, super compact, big icons and button icons. You can also get share statistics by choosing analytics option with AddThis, which is completely optional.

  • ShareThis

    ShareThis provides three types of widgets – multi channel, horizontal counters and vertical counters.

  • Add to Any
    Add to Any

    AddToAny features three types of widgets which are minimal in nature. You can modify your it’s options to get the desired widget.

  • WidgetBox

    With WidgetBox, you can grab your share widget easily by adding buttons and modifying available options according to you.

  • Share widget
    Share Widget

    Just select your model of share buttons and get the widget for your website or blog!

How to use these Share widgets on website or blog?

Above services basically provide automatic options to add widgets to Blogger, Typad, WordPress etc. Alternatively, you can generate the widget code which you can place on you website HTML as per your need.