We already know how to add Google Plus widget to website. But since when Google+ pages are launched, people on web require another widget to feature the presence of their Google+ pages on their websites.

Tip: Learn how to create a Google+ business pages

Again, you can use Widgets Plus to quickly generate a widget for your Google+ page. But as you can see in the below screenshot, Widgets Plus do not fetches the page Profile Image, which looks really odd.

widgets plus problem with Google+ pages

But no worries, as we have the official Google+ badges now to get a working widget for our website. Proceed through following steps to add a Google plus widget to your website:

  • Open your Google+ Business Page and copy the ID (the long number at the last) from it’s URL in the address bar.
  • Head over to Google+ Badges and paste in the page ID you just copied in the previous step, you’ll see the preview of your Google+ widget at the same time.
  • You can choose the widget or badge format from the options just below the widget preview. The first two options, Standard Badge and Small Badge are ideal to use on blogs (others can be tried to display Google+ icons). Choose any one of these options and grab the generated widget code from the textbox at the bottom.
  • Paste the widget code in the HTML of your website – anywhere you want to display the widget and save changes.

The standard width of this widget is 300 pixels (300px), so if you’re going to put it in the sidebar of your website, make sure it is wide enough otherwise it’ll make the sidebar collapse which looks really bad. If your sidebar is less than 300 pixels width, try placing the widget at some other wider place on your website or place a Google+ icon by choosing other format options of Google+ badges.

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