BuySellAds, the coolest way to sell ads on your website or blog, now provides an ad sales widget which allow you to put your complete BuySellAds marketplace listing details on your website’s or blog’s advertise page, in fact you can place it wherever you want.

Just take a look how this ad sales widget appears:

buysellads ad sales widget

See our Advertise page for a live view of the widget.

This ad sales widget from BuySellAds gives people the direct view of your marketplace listing right on your site; covering your site’s description, available ad slots, impression and price of each available ad slot. As the above screenshot displays, the widget appears just like the list of your ads on BuySellAds Marketplace listing. With this ad sales widget, those who are interested in advertising on your site can directly see the available slots with the stats and prices on your site. And hence you have greater chances to sell ads frequently.

This short tutorial shows how to add BuySellAds Ad Sales widget to your website or blog.

Adding BuySellAds ad sales widget to your website or blog

  • After signing into your BuySellAds account, just go to the Dashboard by clicking the dropdown on the right-hand-side or just go to
    buysellads dashboard
  • You can see all of your properties in the Dashboard section (properties are your BuySellAds approved websites). Just click on the “Tools” button on the rightmost side of the property for which you want to add the ad sales widget.
    buysellads property tools
  • In the next page, you’ll see the code for the ad sales widget for that property. As shown in the below screenshot, you can hide / show the page description (property description) and page title (property title) by checking / unchecking the two checkbox options below the ad sales widget code as per your need. After that, just copy the code and paste it into your site’s advertise section or wherever you want it to display. Putting this widget in the advertise page will be ideal, since an advertise is more likely to visit your advertise section rather than a different page.
    buysellads ad sales widget code

Are you thinking to add BuySellAds ad sales widget to your site? Or you’ve already been using it? Has it increased your ad sales? Share your experience with us through comments. Also read how to add space between BuySellAds slots.