Sometime ago, I read about the change Google is going to confer Adsense ads on the official Google Adsense blog. You know what that change is? They have replaced Ads by Google labels with AdChoices triangular icon (▶) which expands to an AdChoices label.

What are AdChoices?

(AdChoices) iconic notifications were developed by the self-regulatory program of the online advertising industry for Online Behavioral Advertising – hence giving the users a more proactive notice and choice about the ads they see.

The AdChoices advertising option icon gives you transparency and control for interest-based ads. With the help of AdChoices, you can:

  • Find out when information about your online interests is being gathered or used to customize the Web ads you see.
  • Choose whether to continue to allow this type of advertising.

New Google Ads: Screen shot

Through the adoption of this icon, advertising programs are showing it’s support for this cross-industry initiative to make their users and visitors learn more about ad choices all around the the web. By this, they are targeting to display more relevant ads as per the visitors’ choice.

Many of you may have noticed this icon on online ads already and may have discussed or read about it on web also. For example, see a Google ad and notice the Adchoices icon om it.

You may still see the old “Ads by Google” sometimes on Google ads. This is because the Google ads premium publishers can render their own ads using JavaScript or an XML feed, and they don’t use the standard iframe provided by Google to show ads generally. Commonly, they display the ‘Ads by Google’ text label on the ads. I guess it’s certainly the thing that is away from AdChoices implementation.

Will the change affect the ad publishers some way?

It is already tested and inferred by ad companies that this icon and label should not affect the ad performance and earnings of the ad publishers. So, no worries!