Aakash, the world’s cheapest tablet PC is in lot of demands and queries nowadays. People are looking forward to give Aakash a try, and those who have already tried it, are waiting for the launch of its next improved version.

Since the objective behind the introduction of Aakash is education, the Government of India has given the starting cargo to the educational institutions all over India. I have talked to some of the students who have tried this Tablet, and the response is good! They’ve also told about their curiosity for the next version of Aakash.

Through my little experience with Aakash Tablet and my conversation with some of it’s users, I found this gadget alright for a little amount money, but here are some common glitches I discovered while getting my hands on it:

aakash tablet pros and cons

  • The screen is considerably unresponsive. You have to push harder than you use to do on iPad, Samsung and other Android Tablets.
  • You can connect to internet on Aakash through Wi-Fi only. That means if you don’t have Wi-Fi, no Internet for you!
  • It heats up really fast which could be risky for the Tablet and the Battery life.
  • Battery dumps very fast while browsing web or playing videos and music. The battery lasts for maximum 3 hours if you work normally like reading or typing a document.
  • You’ll receive repeated and annoying security warnings while opening any website.
  • You can’t install anything from the Android App Market, which keeps away the thousands of useful Android Apps from your reach.
  • Files like AVI, FLV, WMV can’t be opened from external USB drives.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t record the video of my small trial of Aakash Tablet, but I’ve collected some informative videos to throw more light on its functioning, capabilities and features. Check them out:

Aakash Tablet First Look

Aakash Ubislate7 Tablet Full Review – Pros & Cons

Aakash Tablet Reading, Writing and USB

Aakash Tablet Web Browsing

Aakash Tablet Pros and Cons

I hope this article has cleared some of your doubts about Aakash. Also see cheapest Android SmartPhones in India and Best QWERTY TouchScreen Android Phones.

Update: After receiving many complaints on defects and problems in Aakash, the Central Govt. of India has announced the next version of Aakash to be launched till April this year. The demand of this cheapest Tablet is very high, and people haven’t received their booked quotes due to the limited stock. The manufacturer Datawind has supplied only 30,000 Tablets till now in place of the actual quotation of 100,000.

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