8 really useful online tools to Optimize images for webOptimizing images for web is a vital process. It includes making images lighter in size without affecting the quality. It has been commonly observed – images take a big piece from the net load time of a website. You must have noticed on web sometimes that images take much time to load, this is because they are not optimized and were posted there as they were produced.

Image Optimization for web is one of the important ingredients of SEO too. Lighter are your images, lesser will be the load times, and hence, higher will be the speed of your website. And it’s a fact that the speed of a website is responsible for it’s Search engine rankings as well.

So, optimizing images is a bit time-consuming, but it is essential. If you’re putting the images on your blog or website without having them optimized, stop doing so. Just go through the below given 8 online tools to optimize your images for web, and they are really fast though!

  1. Smush It:
    Smush It
  2. Web Resizer:
    Web Resizer
  3. Image Optimizer:
    Image Optimizer
  4. Shrink Pictures:
    Shrink Pictures
  5. Stanley Shilov’s Image Compression tool:
    Stanley Shilov's Image compression tool
  6. Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer:
    Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer
  7. Pixizer:
  8. iResize:

Most of the people use software programs like Adobe Photoshop to optimize images offline. See here a list of five best image editing software.

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