Google translate added 5 more Indian languagesGoogle has added 5 more Indian languages to it’s language translation service – Google Translate. The leading Search Engine announced on Tuesday the expansion of its translation services to include five more Indian languages – Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. More than 500 million people in Indian Subcontinent speak these five languages.

Significantly, Google Translate made the online translation work very easy, even you can use it to translate important pages from a website into your desired language.

Google believes that this expansion will lead them to reach more (estimated 50 million) people and serve them more to enjoy different regional languages in the Subcontinent.

Google Translate: English to Kannada

Ashish Venugopal, the Research Scientist at Google, quoted – “Beginning today, you can explore the linguistic diversity of the Indian sub—continent with Google translate, which now supports five new experimental alpha languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, [via]

With this expansion, Google Translate now supports 63 languages including 9 Indian languages (it already supports 4 languages – Hindi, Punjabi, Malayalam and Marathi).