Apart from the fights, news and gossips, the launch of Google Plus has created the need of another important Social icon in the lists of our blogs and websites. This is a bit different from Google +1 button, which can be placed on a blog or website by copy-pasting the code available on Google Webmasters.

Generally, webmasters provide subscription and social links in the sidebar and post footers. As Google Plus is here, you may want to put your Google Plus profile link in the list. More effective way of doing that is putting a Google Plus icon link with your social and subscription link list.

Here are 28 sleek, glistening and free Google+ icons from which you may choose to put on your blog or website.

  1. MachoArts
  2. Matt Hodder
  3. Bold Perspective
    • Total Icons: 10 (PNG)
    • Style: 2
    • PSD and AI included
    • Download »

  4. Icon Dock

If you want your Icon set to be included, drop in a comment with details.