Tumblr, being the enormously under cherished Micro blogging platform provided easy ways to share text, photos, music, videos and URLs. But when compared to its contemporaries like twitter, it’s way behind. The only place where Tumblr beats twitter is the customization of it’s blogs’ appearance. Customization of a twitter page is limited to changing background and link styling only.

On the other hand, Tumblr provides free and premium themes to it’s users, in fact, if you have the basic knowledge of CSS, you can easily create your Tumblr theme yourself. Generally, Tumblr provides minimalistic but very clean and beautiful themes for it’s blogs. Below given are the 20 free Tumblr themes, which I liked the most.

20 Best Tumblr themes (Free)

Click the thumbnail to see the live preview of any theme below. You can install the themes just by previewing it and clicking Install link on it.

Boundless Tumblr ThemeEffector Tumblr Theme
Centerfold Tumblr ThemeHobo Tumblr Theme
Glacial Simplicity Tumblr ThemeGrotesk Tumblr Theme
M82 Tumblr ThemeManuscript NeueTumblr Theme
Modern Tumblr ThemeOh My Grid Tumblr Theme
The Eames Tumblr ThemePostage Tumblr Theme
Black Diamond Tumblr ThemeAtonement Tumblr Theme
Simple 400 Tumblr ThemeStationery Tumblr Theme
Squarish Tumblr ThemeSimplify Tumblr Theme
Rock Star Tumblr ThemeReal Ribbon Tumblr Theme

If you take delight in micro-blogging, you should give Tumblr a try. I hope you liked the themes. If I missed your favorite, do let me know in comments.