It is hard to imagine a person on internet who doesn’t use Google. Over 400 million people use it daily to search their queries – which proves its popularity worthwhile as the Search Giant.

Google returns the search results instantly. You have to open the references (the results) next to that to fulfill your aim of the research. But are you aware of some really handy Google search shortcuts which perform certain task to solve specific problems for you on the go? Not getting me?

In this post, I have covered some Google search techniques, you can also call them Google search shortcuts – that will not only save you time but also help you solving numerical, conversion, translation problems and also confirm some useful stats for you instantly.

  1. Definitions:

    Quickly find the definition of any word by Searching Google using either of the below pattern:

    define string
    what is string

    Replace string with your word.

    Search definitions instantly with Google

    In the above screenshot, you can clearly see the definition of the word “website” returned by Google on searching.

  2. Calculator:

    Calculate any arithmetic numerical problem using the pattern shown below in the screenshot:

    Google as advance Calculator

    For general calculations, you have to use the basic calculation operators i.e. + for addition, – for subtraction, / for division, * for multiplication, but for advance functions, you should see this list of operators to calculate square roots, cube roots, trigonometric values, logarithms etc.

  3. Currency Converter:

    If you have to convert 766 USDs into INRs, you have to search like below:

    766 USD in INR
    Google as Currency Converter
  4. Live Clock:

    You can know what the clock is ticking around the world searching like this:

    time string

    Replace string with a place for you want to get the time.

    Google as Live Clock
  5. Weather forecast:

    Use below method to get the current weather information of a particular place:

    weather string

    Replace string with a place whose update is to be obtained.

    Weather Forecast using Google
  6. Instant translation

    Get you sentences instantly translated just searching like this:

    translate string in language

    Replace string with your sentence.

    Instantly Translate sentences using Google
  7. Flight status

    Know the status of a flight either by using the name of the airway and flight number or with it’s route information. For example:

    aa 89

    The above search will show the schedule of flight no. 89 of American Airways. It not applies to all airlines, but the top ones.

    You can use an alternate way to find the status of flights by searching Google like below:

    flight from Place A to Place B
    Check flight status using Google
  8. Stock Stats:

    Check the current Stock rates with Google entering the query:

    stock: string

    Replace string to the Stock Company like CSCO, Gold etc. However, it supports limited exchanges.

    Check Stock rates with Google
  9. Public Data:

    You can also check public data like population and unemployment rate of a city. It supports limited places.

    population string
    unemployment rate string

    Replace string with place according to your need.

    Search Public Data with Google
  10. Maps:

    Find map of a place by searching like this:

    string map

    Replace string with the desired place.

    Google Maps

I hope these tricks have helped you saving time and getting outputs quickly. There are some more, special Google Search Features which you should check to improve and enhance the web searching at your end. Alse see Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to save time.