Uninor GPRS settings for Mobile

You automatically receive Uninor GPRS settings on mobile in general, when you put the SIM into your GPRS supported phone. But if you still haven’t received Uninor GPRS settings on your mobile phone, this post will show you how to make them manually.

How to get Uninor GPRS Settings by SMS – Send an SMS with text ALL to 58355 (toll free) from your Uninor Mobile number. You’ll receive MMS, WAP and GPRS Settings after sometime, save the settings, that’s it.

You can also create GPRS settings for Uninor manually by modifying certain options in your mobile phone’s browser settings. Below given is the step-by-step method to create Uninor GPRS manual settings:

Manual Uninor GPRS settings for Mobile

  1. You can use anything in Account Name field. For instance, type Account Name as Uninor
  2. Leave Username field blank
  3. Leave Password field blank
  4. You can set your favorite site as Homepage. For instance, set it http://google.com
  5. Set Preferred Access Point to Yes
  6. Set Proxy as Enabled
  7. Set Server IP address to
  8. Set Port to 8080
  9. Set Data Bearer to Packet Data or GPRS
  10. Set Linger time to 90
  11. Set Access Point to Uninor
  12. Set Authentication type to Normal

Ignore the options that you can’t see on your phone. If this GPRS settings for Uninor doesn’t works, try to change Port Adress from 8080 to 9401. Before using these GPRS settings on your mobile, make sure you have activated GPRS on your Uninor connection. Also see GPRS Settings for more Carriers.

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