Download Microsoft Mahjong Titans for Windows 8 & XP

Download Mahjong Titans, the famous solitaire game from Microsoft, for Windows 8 and Windows XP for free – installation instructions covered.

Mahjong Titans – another awesome solitaire game by Microsoft is very popular among the Windows OS users. Microsoft first introduced this game with the Vista OS, and then continued it in Windows 7 as well, however we don’t have it in Windows 8.

Little more on Mahjong Titans, an older version of the game was known as Taipei and was bundled in Microsoft Windows Entertainment Pack (WEP) 1 and Best of WEP.

If you are missing this game on your PC, I’ve tried bringing it back to you through this post. Read on how to install Mahjong Titans on Windows 8 or XP.

Mahjong Titans download link with installation instructions

I’m covering the installation separately for Win 8 and XP.

Mahjong Titans for Windows XP

Follow the below given link and steps to download and install Mahjong Titans on your Windows XP computer.

Download Mahjong Titans for XP
Mahjong Titans for XP

  1. Download and unzip the folder using the above link
  2. Copy Vista.Emulation.dll to the system32 folder of your XP (to open system32 folder, Run » Type %SYSTEMROOT%\system32 and hit enter).
  3. Now double click MahjongInstall.exe to install the game.
  4. Go All Programs » Vista Games » Mahjong Titans and enjoy!

Mahjong Titans for Windows 8

Microsoft provides this game for free for Windows 8 on it’s App marketplace. Download the game using the below link and install normally to play on your Windows 8 computer.

Mahjong Titans for Windows 8

I hope you guys will enjoy the game at your end after implementing this post. Thanks!

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