Fix No Thumbnail issue with YouTube Videos when sharing on Facebook

If sharing YouTube videos on Facebook shows no thumbnail image and title, here is solution to fix this issue easily.

Have you noticed YouTube videos showing no thumbnail when shared on Facebook?

We have already discussed about Fixing No Thumbnail / Wrong Title issue while sharing your links on Facebook previously – by adding Open Graph meta tags in the website markup. But what to do when the same problem persists with your content published on other websites on which you don’t have enough privileges to reach markup? The best example is – YouTube videos.

posting youtube links on facebook no thumbnail

YouTube video on Facebook with No Thumbnail and Title: Not gonna impress people!

In fact, sharing YouTube videos on Facebook sometimes gives the same No thumbnail and bad title problem. But, what is so important to show a link with proper title and thumbnail image on a Social Network like Facebook? If you run a fan page on Facebook and frequently share YouTube videos and website links, you already know it. As I told in an earlier post, a link with a proper title and a pretty thumbnail seems very clear and interactive to people and there are greater chances that they will click “play” or visit that link, than they do with a video or link having no title and image just showing URL in there.

If you really consider showing your links and videos properly on Facebook, here’s the simple solution!

Fix YouTube No thumbnail problem on Facebook share

  • Go to Facebook URL Linter tool, which basically debugs the URLs for a better Open Graph interpretation.
  • Paste in your video link, and hit “Debug“. You’ll come up with a result like below screenshot:

    facebook link youtube no thumbnail

    Scroll down to “Object Properties“. If you get the three field red-marked in above screenshot, you’re out of this problem now. Now, share you link and see it appearing properly.

    facebook youtube no thumbnail 2011

    Else, wait for sometime and try debugging your link again.

The problem appears sometimes when Facebook Open Graph needs to be debugged. You should try this trick whenever you face such a problem on Facebook. Hope you enjoyed the post!